Werte-Macher Micro Lesson #1 – “Zen and the art of creating user stories that matters”

Dear readers,

One of the main areas we do after our agile Health Checks is the optimisation of the Scrum Framework; whether at team level or in a scaled agile szenario.

In the course of our Backlog checks, we repeatedly come across a massively below-average quality of the user stories. Yet the success of agile product development depends on this to a large extent: The quality of the user stories has a direct influence on the overall team performance – in more ways than one !

Therefore we provide a PDF you can directly download from our website – please click on picture below for download.

Zen and the art of writing good user stories that matters

You will learn the following:

  • WHY do we need user stories (Purpose)
  • WHAT is a user story addressing .. and what NOT
  • HOW TO write good user stories
  • Examples
  • Most typical characteristics of REALLY BAD user stories…
  • Tips & Tricks

Enjoy this Micro Lesson

Team Werte-Macher