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Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.
– First principle of the agile manifesto |

We are a self-organised network in which the sum is more than our parts. The value makers balance and enhance what each has to offer thanks to their different focal areas. However, we all share one thing in common: an eye for systemic interrelationships, extensive professional experience and our fascination for change.

Foto Boris Reichenbächer

Boris Reichenbächer

Werte-Macher Boris is an expert in IT infrastructure, project management, agile product development and transforming organisations towards true business agility. Over the course of 20 years, he has gained experience in the automotive industry as well as the banking, insurance, healthcare and public sectors.
In Boris’ experience, an agile and lean approach together with optimising value streams and a systematic approach are essential for achieving a successful organisational transformation. These are the foundations for creating true business agility. His personal tip: “Beware of trying to define transformation as a project because transformation is an ongoing journey”.

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Michael Föck

Michael was a manager in IT departments and at IT service providers for over 30 years. During this time he worked in different roles from team leader to managing director. In these different roles, he was often involved in transformation projects. His conclusion:” The desire for a new methodology or new tools is always also the desire for change.” Unfortunately, this is overlooked far too often.
When introducing new IT techniques, it is natural to check whether the prerequisites are met. For transformations in non-technical topics, such a procedure is not yet a matter of course. Only a few companies determine whether the prerequisites are fulfilled before starting such transformations. If the prerequisites are not sufficiently clarified, the transformations usually become much more expensive and only marginally successful.

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Anna Voigtländer

Werte-Macher Anna Voigtländer has been working as a freelance illustrator, 2D animator and graphic designer since 2017. She trained, and graduated as state-certified graphic designer in 2010. After that she did her undergraduate studies in English Language & Literature, and Art History (B.A. in 2013), and her postgraduate studies in Media Studies (M.A. in 2016) at the University of Tübingen. She started working on projects in cooperation with the media department at the university, while studying, and produced her first animated movies there. Her clients include various fields (of studies), from the Uniklinik Tübingen and various research institutes, to the local gastronomy. For Werte-Macher, she illustrates the mascots, and designs various graphics for print and digital use.

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Michael Schwartz quadrat 1

Michael Schwartz – ilea Institut

Michael Schwartz is the founder of the ilea Institut in Esslingen near Stuttgart. Before becoming a consultant, the graduate physicist worked for two decades as a an executive and project manager in the (software) industry.

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Bild Robert quardat

Robert Briese – Lean Sherpas GmbH

Robert Briese, founder of the Lean Sherpas GmbH, is one of 25 certified LeSS Trainers globally and one of the few with hands-on experience in LeSS and LeSS Huge. As a change agent for 15+ years, consulting and coaching, he has worked with over 30 companies, including DAX-listed global brands

From 2015 to 2016 he led a LeSS adoption at a Global Player in the Software Industry, scaling development from 3 to 7 teams and coaching the development and the management team on how to lead a scaled agile organization. In 2018 he contributed to significant improvements in product delivery at one of the biggest LeSS Huge adoptions in the world at BMW AG. Working with over 30 teams, including large groups of over 400 employees, he led them to deliver bi-weekly product increments consisting of hardware and software. Read more about Robert in his profile.

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AP quadrat

Armin Pachowski

Armin Packowski is a lawyer and tax law specialist and has been advising self-employed persons, entrepreneurs and persons venturing into entrepreneurial activity for many years. He knows the challenges for companies to be successful and compliant in a constantly changing environment of legal requirements and rules. He develops processes for his clients according to an efficient risk and quality management because companies must react efficiently and flexibly to gain business success.

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