Lean Agile Intelligence Inc. & Werte-Macher GmbH signs distribution agreement for the European market

Tübingen, Philadelphia – January 2023

Lean Agile Intelligence Inc., a leading provider of change management and measurement software for agile transformation, and Werte-Macher GmbH, a high-profile German consultancy for true business agility and human resources and management development, are pleased to announce that they have concluded an distribution agreement and have entered into a strategic alliance aimed at launching lean agile intelligence change management and measurement software in Europe.

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Boris Reichenbächer, managing director and founder of Werte-Macher GmbH, comments on the new partnership: “By integrating the Lean Agile Intelligence platform into our portfolio, we can offer our customers an unbeatable package which now includes the ability to track and measure the progress of their agile transformation”.

Michael McCalla, managing director and founder of Lean Agile Intelligence Inc., adds: “With its extensive expertise in true business agility, Werte-Macher GmbH is the perfect partner to enable us to rapidly gain a foothold in the European market.“

About Werte Macher GmbH – “We provide enterprises with the agility they need to deliver true value to their customers!”

Transformation with a keen eye on profitability: Companies faced with this daunting challenge can rely on Werte-Macher GmbH for inspiration and support. Founded in 2022, the agile business consultancy offers complete solutions to companies looking to develop a flexible and scalable product and service portfolio.

Web: https://werte-macher.com

About Lean Agile Intelligence – “Measure Transformation, Demonstrate Progress, and Accelerate Outcomes!”

Lean Agile Intelligence enables transformation leaders to measure and visualize transformation, and ultimately accelerate the desired outcomes. Our capabilities and comprehensive measurement model create clarity on current state, next steps, and tracking towards achieving the desired outcomes of the transformation. Lean Agile Intelligence helps scale coaching capabilities, make data-driven improvement decisions, and accelerate feedback loops.

Web: https://leanagileintelligence.com