Werte Macher – Business Agility services at a glance

Whenever there is a product for the customer, there is a value stream. The challenge lies in seeing it.
– Mike Rother & John Shook

Analysis & Review

  • Current situation analysis examining agility level/maturity
  • Management Assessment
  • Team / Organisational agile & lean maturity
  • Value Stream Analyses

Coaching & Training

  • Team
  • Scrum Master
  • Product Owner
  • Managers
  • SAFe®

Temporary personnel support

  • Scrum master
  • Agile coach/senior scrum master
  • Product owner
  • SAFe®-specific roles such as release train engineer
  • Project Manager

Special issues

  • Lean/agile Portfolio Management
  • Outsourcing & Recruitment

View a snapshot of our current Business Agility portfolio here. We look forward to explaining the details behind these keywords and how you can use them to kick-start your organisational transformation in a personal conversation.