Why Werte-Macher – The value makers for professional consulting

What if we found ourselves building something that nobody wanted? In that case, what did it matter if we did it on time and on budget ?
– Eric Ries | The Lean Startup

A systematic and constructive attitude

At Werte-Macher, we know from experience in consulting that change is always accompanied by complexity and uncertainty. The transformation process cannot succeed when people think in conventional terms such as cause and effect. Mastering the transformation process requires a systematic approach and an attitude that welcomes complexity. We live this and would like to inspire you to embrace this attitude.

Focus on real Business Agility

Agility means more than simply mobility. It is mobility in the pursuit of a goal. In keeping with our clients’ objectives, we speak of “Business Agility”. This refers to an organisation’s ability to ride the wave of transformation in order to generate maximum value and customer benefit. At Werte-Macher, we help our clients to achieve greater Business Agility.

Extensive professional experience

At Werte-Macher, we all have professional experience in diverse industries gained over the course of many years. We come from practical backgrounds and work towards practical applications because this is an essential prerequisite for effective coaching and training.

Extensive expertise

The Werte-Macher team possesses an extensive pool of expertise along with certified qualifications in areas such as Scrum Master, Product Owner, PMI PMP, PMI DaD as well as agile scaling concepts such as SAFe®. When it comes to the value stream, we have a strong focus on lean management methods.