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Werte Macher is proud to announce that we’re now a part of the Blue Dolphin Community.

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LAI premium partnership

Lean Agile Intelligence premium partnership

Werte-Macher becomes premium partner of Lean Agile Intelligence ; one of the leading providers of change management software for successfull transformations.

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The value stream focused organisation

Rethinking your organisation – an introduction to a value stream focused organisation for modern managers.

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We provide enterprises with the agility they need to deliver true value to their customers!

A word of advice in advance: Stop now if …

Mutual insulation

and the associated silo mentality will take priority over company-wide cooperation for you in the future.

Business drama

and cargo cult – imitating behaviour without understanding the underlying meaning – are more important to you than real change.

Your managers

are unwilling to reflect on their own behaviour and actions.

You are the right candidate to work with us if you feel that rethinking your organisation is a worthwhile endeavour !